How our personalized legal services can help you:

Business Law and Consulting

No matter your size, we help you navigate the business, legal, and regulatory landscape. We understand how to help you protect your investment and your future. Our clients operate on a national level, as does our practice. We routinely advise clients from coast to coast on all areas of business, from formation to dissolution, and everything in between.


Our firm provides a wide scope of services including, but not limited to:

  • Business formation
  • Contracts
  • Employment
  • Partner disputes
  • Business acquisition/sale

Complex Civil and Criminal Litigation

We represent business as well as individual clients in all aspects of civil and criminal litigation, from the initiation of a suit until the final verdict. We understand the necessary attention to detail required to navigate complex federal cases, as well as multi-party contract disputes.

Crisis Management

Brand reputation and business reliability are the cornerstones of any successful venture. Unfortunately, businesses are sometimes confronted with acute but serious circumstances that can make or break them. In those situations, our firm gives experienced and professional counsel to help you not just weather the storm, but to turn crisis into opportunity.

Where We Work

Our clients are around the country, including these states:

•  Pennsylvania

•  New Jersey

•  Texas

•  Rhode Island

•  Virginia

•  Washington DC

•  Maryland

•  California

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